You’re on before you’re on

It doesn’t matter whether your speaking to your team, presenting to the board or giving a speech at an AGM or annual conference, you are on before you’re on and being aware of that is critical to the success of your communication. There is always an elephant in the room that you either need to…

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Why every court (or Board or ELT) needs humour and a Jester

Humour is more serious than you might suspect. You may be familiar with the phrase, “an ability to talk truth to power.” or have experience with someone who uses humour to amplify influence.  This has always been the role of the jester, or fool . The latter moniker was probably adopted as an insurance against…

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How to say it so they can hear it

“You can’t handle the truth!” So said Jack Nicholson in A few good men. And he’s right. But the real truth is, it’s all in the framing. The truth is; we are all delicate flowers wrapped in paper-thin skins, indulging unconscious (and occasionally conscious) biases and prejudices. To add insult to injury, half of us…

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