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Big wins first

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

Are small wins just as important as big wins? Depends who you ask. Naval Adm. William H. McRaven famously suggested that one of the keys to feeling more motivated and driving personal success, was to start the day by making your bed. A better strategy, in my opinion, is to start the day with Big Wins First.…

Need to vs Want to

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

One of the things that has human beings turning to motivational literature in their multitudes is the difference between “Need to” and “Want to”. Typically, want to doesn’t require a lot of motivation – it’s intrinsically linked to whatever that activity might be. Few of us need to “motivate” ourselves to enjoy a good meal or a…


By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

So what is Mastervation? There’s a lot of misinformation around the concept of motivation – mostly perpetuated by so-called gurus who’s personal motivation is to lighten your wallet and line theirs. We’ve been told to set goals (backed up by Yale’s 1953 goals study where those rare few who wrote down specific and measurable goals achieved…

How many decisions do you actually make?

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

If your like most people, you probably assume that most of your decisions are your own. However, virtually every decision you make is somewhat manipulated by decisions you have no part in. Did you wake up this morning naturally, or through the use of an alarm clock? Who determined what time you should wake up anyway?…

The Right vs The Risky

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

Working with organizations all around the world, I often enjoy asking people provocative questions to have them reflect on what they believe versus what is a default position. It’s a way of teasing out what they really feel about the concept of risk. A question I often ask is, “In a situation, with an either/or outcome,…

Language is leverage

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

Virtually every piece of information you take in, whether consciously or unconsciously, is laden with biases, judgement and meaning. It’s all to do with the language the information is framed in. For instance, consider the following questions: “Are you more afraid of never doing great work… or of losing a job that will never allow…

Frame your value in our values

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

The sale, or engagement, or support, or participation is always more determined by those we wish to influence than we “influencers” would like to imagine. In other words, our value lies not in our product or service or idea, but in their values. This is largely due to the fact that we filter our decisions…

Who do you help us to be?

By DanGregory | May 21, 2018

Too often we spend our time focused on what we want people to do or how we would like them to behave. We issue instructions to our staff, offer feedback to our teams and try to persuade our customers and clients using features and benefits – both logical and emotional. The problem is, that’s not…

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